San Diego Union Tribune Editorial on Prop G: Truth is a Casualty in Unions’ Political Ad

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A San Diego Union Tribune editorial rips Big Labor’s Spanish-language ad opposing Proposition G which prohibits the use of anti-competitive project labor agreement (PLA) schemes on public works projects in Chula Vista, CA and restores fairness and accountability in public contracting (“Language of distortion / Truth is a casualty in unions’ political ad,” 6/5).

Earlier this week here, we covered the controversy over Big Labor’s ad, which absurdly links Prop G to the new law enacted in Arizona on April 23 (Senate Bill 1070) on the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

The UT editorial really lets Big Labor have it:

Organized labor has hit a new low in its panic to defeat an initiative Tuesday in Chula Vista.

Proposition G would prohibit the city from requiring that private companies agree to union-only project labor agreements on city projects.

A Spanish-language ad opposing Proposition G absurdly links the measure to Arizona’s controversial law targeting illegal immigrants, complete with scenes of an angry Arizona protest and police cars and officers surrounding a suspect.

An English translation of the ad goes like this: “The new Arizona law discriminates against Latinos. The police can arrest you simply because you look like you’re from Mexico. Proposition G in Chula Vista discriminates here against our community. Proposition G will take away jobs from our community. Vote No on G. Defend our community. No discrimination in Chula Vista. No on G.”

But what could be more discriminatory than organized labor dictating who will get a job based not on skill but on union membership? Chula Vista has been a battleground on project labor agreements. Gaylord Entertainment wanted to build a resort hotel and convention center. It was even willing to pay union wages and health benefits to all the permanent workers. But construction trades demanded a union-only agreement to build the facilities, something that could have added $70 million to the cost.

That’s union-sponsored discrimination – in any language.

Will Chula Vista residents support Prop G on June 8 and say no to Big Labor-sponsored discrimination?

Let’s hope citizens can see the truth through the relentless lies coming from Big Labor in their desperate attempt to stop voters from prohibiting union monopolies on Chula Vista construction contracts. Read the Yes on Prop G responses to Big Labor’s relentless lies.  And let’s not forget this bad behavior from the No on Prop G campaign?

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