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April 2023 Update: ABC’s Fight Against Government-Mandated Project Labor Agreements Intensifies

0 April 20, 2023  Featured, Federal Construction, State & Local Construction

Since President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14063, Use of Project Labor Agreements for Federal Construction Projects, on Feb. 4, 2022, mandating inflationary and anti-competitive project labor agreements on federal construction projects of $35 million or more, numerous lawmakers and taxpayer and business groups have renewed fierce opposition to the Biden administration’s push for government-mandated […]


New Jersey Court Rules Toll Bridge Commission’s Project Labor Agreement Scheme Illegal

0 April 19, 2023  State & Local Construction

On April 4, the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court ruled (pdf) that a commission authorized by New Jersey and Pennsylvania law to build and maintain Delaware River bridges lacked the authority to require controversial project labor agreements. At issue were a contractor’s allegations that the Delaware Joint Toll Bridge Commission violated its […]


More Data: Project Labor Agreement Schemes Hurt Vast Majority of U.S. Construction Workforce

0 April 18, 2023  Featured, State & Local Construction previously reported that more than 88% of the U.S. construction industry workforce does not belong to a union. Government data collected and published by provides this information for each state’s construction industry workforce. How does your state rank? In More Than Half of U.S. States, at Least 90% of the Construction Workforce Does […]


Biden’s Project Labor Agreement Schemes Exacerbate Construction Industry’s Skilled Labor Shortage

2 June 29, 2022  Featured, Federal Construction, State & Local Construction

The construction industry is projecting a historic shortage of 650,000 skilled workers in 2022. It is also facing serious supply chain disruptions, unprecedented materials cost inflation of 44% since prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and declining investment in nonresidential structures. The Biden administration is aware of these problems that stand to undermine taxpayer investments in […]


Biden and Treasury Promote Project Labor Agreement Schemes on Taxpayer-funded Construction Projects in American Rescue Plan

0 May 12, 2021  Featured, Federal Construction, State & Local Construction

The Biden administration and U.S. Department of the Treasury have taken another unfortunate step promoting anti-competitive and costly government-mandated project labor agreements on taxpayer-funded construction projects. The latest effort to steer public works construction projects to unionized contractors and union labor at the expense of taxpayers and fair and open competition is sure to create […]


ABC, Coalition Alarmed by Government-mandated Project Labor Agreements in Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan

0 May 12, 2021  Federal Construction, State & Local Construction

On May 5, ABC and a coalition of 16 industry and employer groups sent a letter to President Joe Biden raising concerns about the administration’s direct expansion and support of legislative policies encouraging or requiring controversial government-mandated project labor agreements on federal and federally assisted construction projects. The Biden administration’s March 31 release of the American Jobs Plan, an outline of $2.25 trillion worth of government […]


Government-Mandated Project Labor Agreements Exacerbate Construction Industry’s Skilled Labor Shortage

2 March 30, 2021  Federal Construction, State & Local Construction

The construction industry needs to hire an additional 430,000 craft professionals in 2021, according to an analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data released March 23 by Associated Builders and Contractors. Yet federal, state and local lawmakers continue to push anti-competitive and costly policies promoting controversial government-mandated project labor agreements on taxpayer-funded construction projects, […]


Do Project Labor Agreements Stop Strikes on Construction Jobsites?

0 March 29, 2021  Featured, Federal Construction, State & Local Construction

Some construction union lobbyists and bosses market anti-competitive and costly project labor agreements to public and private construction owners as a tool to guarantee labor peace on construction jobsites by prohibiting union-led strikes that can delay a project and increase the cost of construction. PLA advocates know that strikes, work stoppages, slowdowns and other labor unrest authorized […]