Prop G

Unions Unveil Last-Minute Legislative Schemes in California to End Local Fair and Open Competition Policies and Promote Project Labor Agreements

2 September 6, 2011  School Construction, State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

On the afternoon of September 2 – the Friday before Labor Day weekend – the California State Building and Construction Trades Council finally revealed its plot to terminate local efforts throughout the state to guarantee the best quality construction at the best price for taxpayers. Bills in the California State Legislature were “gutted and amended” […]


Union Fund Gets $90,000 through Project Labor Agreement with Northern California Utility and Then Gives $50,000 to Campaign Against Chula Vista Ballot Measure

4 November 19, 2010  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

How are California construction unions able to make $50,000 political contributions to local campaigns?  In one case, a union trust fund that made such a contribution in California received funding from ratepayers of a publicly-owned utility through a mandated payoff included in a Project Labor Agreement. A year ago (November 2, 2009), the 20 commissioners […]


More on Chula Vista’s Prop G

0 June 21, 2010  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

The Washington Examiner’s Mark Hemingway says “the most significant election result this month might be” Chula Vista, Calif. voters rejecting government gifts to Big Labor by passing Proposition G, a ballot measure banning government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs) on city-funded construction projects (“Voters Fight Back Against Union Control,” 6/21).  The lesson should be important nationally, as Hemingway […]


Fox Business News Covers Chula Vista’s Prop G Victory

0 June 16, 2010  State & Local Construction

Last Tuesday, Chula Vista, Calif. voters rejected costly and anti-competitive project labor agreements (PLAs) on public works projects by passing Proposition G, which bans PLAs on city-funded construction projects and helps public officials deliver to taxpayers the best possible construction project at the best possible price. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal editorial board applauded Chula Vista voters for passing […]


WSJ Editorial: California Voters Rebel Against Project Labor Agreements

0 June 14, 2010  Federal Construction, State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

In an editorial today, the Wall Street Journal slammed union-favoring project labor agreements (PLAs). Just last week, voters in the San Diego area “voted to prohibit the city from bowing to union demands” and prohibited these discriminatory and costly agreements on municipal construction projects in Chula Vista and Oceanside, California. The WSJ noted that, “From […]


Chula Vista and Oceanside Reject Big Labor Handouts: Proposition G and Measure K Overwhelmingly Approved

2 June 9, 2010  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

Voters in Chula Vista, Calif., and Oceanside, Calif., approved ballot initiatives that prohibit local entities from requiring project labor agreements (PLAs) on city-funded construction projects.  Chula Vista and Oceanside join the City of Fresno, Orange County and San Diego County in prohibiting PLAs on locally funded work. These two initiatives mark the first time voters […]


Election Day in California

0 June 8, 2010  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

Today, the citizens of Chula Vista and Oceanside, California will have an opportunity to vote on two measures – Proposition G in Chula Vista and Measure K in Oceanside – that will end the kind of backroom deals that leave taxpayers paying for four bridges, schools and roads for the price of five. As we […]