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Mass. Gubernatorial Candidates Clash Over PLAs

0 May 6, 2010  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

According to an editorial in the Worcester Telegram, government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs) have been a divisive issue between incumbent Democrat Deval Patrick and GOP challenger Charles Baker in the Massachussetts gubernatorial race (“Shop Talk: Patrick and Baker camps spar over PLAs,” 5/6/10): The verbal dispute between the Patrick administration and GOP gubernatorial candidate Charles Baker over project labor agreements […]


Employee Says PLAs Obstruct Fair Play

0 May 4, 2010  Uncategorized

An open shop employee’s letter to the Worcester Telegram (Mass.) editor was published today (“PLAs get in the way of fair play,” 5/4) “in response to a letter to the editor concerning a level playing field for unions.” Mr. Cote of Leominster writes:  How can they call it fair play if I pay my taxes the […]


Project Labor Agreements: Disguised Union Entitlement?

2 April 1, 2010  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

Diane Williamson, a Worcester Telegram columnist, takes Massachussetts Gov. Deval L. Patrick to the woodshed for encouraging a policy of “disguised” “union entitlement” and supporting government-mandated project labor agreements (PLA) on a variety of public works projects (“Union-only state policy is unfair,” 4/1/10). It is unclear how President Obama escaped Williamson’s wrath, as he signed Executive Order 13502 Feb. 6, 2009 […]