Employee Says PLAs Obstruct Fair Play

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An open shop employee’s letter to the Worcester Telegram (Mass.) editor was published today (“PLAs get in the way of fair play,” 5/4) “in response to a letter to the editor concerning a level playing field for unions.”

Mr. Cote of Leominster writes: 

How can they call it fair play if I pay my taxes the same as they do, but cannot bid on a state project because the Project Labor Agreement has been attached? Also, I don’t see how they can say that an open shop can hire illegal immigrants to work. With the new I-9 laws and E-Verify criteria it’s impossible to do. As to paying lower wages for labor, prevailing wage rates are set by the state, and certified payroll reports to prove that an employee has been paid that rate are required before a contractor gets paid.

I work for an open shop and have nothing against unions. I’m as skilled as they are, and not being in the union has nothing to do with it. I feel that it’s the union that is trying to tip the playing field in their favor by using tactics like PLAs.

The facts are clear: PLAs drive up project costs when you take fair competition out of the bidding process. That’s my money as well as theirs. Give me a chance to be part of the process as well as the unions. That would be the fair way.

It is refreshing to see employees engaged in the PLA fight and challenging Big Labor’s flawed rhetoric used to promote PLAs.

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