San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board: We endorse Proposition G

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In a May 8 editorial (“Vote Yes on G in Chula Vista,” May 8), the San Diego Union-Tribune urged Chula Vista voters to support Proposition G, which would prohibit wasteful and discriminatory project labor agreements (PLAs) on city funded construction projects.  Proposition G is on the ballot on June 8, although mail-in voting is scheduled to begin next week for Chula Vista residents.

The Union-Tribune’s editorial outlines Big Labor’s past efforts to promote government-mandated PLAs at the expense of southern California taxpayers.  Here’s an excerpt:

But the pivotal battle for the moment is in Chula Vista where Proposition G, a proposed ban on PLAs, is on the June ballot. The measure qualified through the initiative process – a first in the nation, according to proponents.

Chula Vista is where the ghost of the billion-dollar Gaylord hotel and convention center still looms large, a testament to what might have been save for the intransigence of organized labor demanding a PLA, environmental groups wanting $21 million in greenmail, a business community that sat on its hands, and infrastructure costs that ultimately proved fatal.

The editorial also points out that despite Big Labor’s misinformation campaign, this initiative ultimately seeks to remove Chula Vista taxpayers from the bitter labor issues that slowed halted some local development in recent years.

With mail balloting starting next week, misinformation and grave distortions are being spread about Proposition G in an effort to confuse.

What is it? The measure’s purpose, according to the initiative, is “to aid in lowering the cost of public works projects; and to ensure that all workers, both union and non-union, have a fair and equal opportunity to work on public works projects.”

Simply put, the measure would prohibit Chula Vista from joining the union/management fray. According to City Attorney Bart Miesfeld’s impartial analysis, “The city shall not fund, in whole or in part, or enter into any contract which contains a requirement that the contracting party” sign into a collective bargaining agreement, pay into union trust funds or use workers who belong to a union. There is nothing prohibiting a contractor from choosing to do so, only that the city would be prohibited from requiring it.

Finally, the Union-Tribune captures the true intent of Proposition G (and

This measure is not about prevailing wages (union-mandated minimums). The term is never used. In projects funded in part with state or federal money, Chula Vista would be able to and expected to pay prevailing wages.

In essence, this is a measure about freedom of choice in the workplace. If you believe workers should be free to join a labor union – or not – and that contractors should be free to hire the best workers at a reasonable cost, vote for Proposition G.

We strongly encourage Chula Vista taxpayers to support Proposition G.

Please visit to get the facts and check out their new video:

If you live in Chula Vista, be sure to vote and have your voice heard on behalf of fair competition and Chula Vista taxpayers.

The campaign is accepting contributions here.

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2 Responses to San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board: We endorse Proposition G

Grace May 16, 2010 at 4:29 pm

This measure is wrong and unfair for the worker, we organize to protect ourselves from greedy contractors and greedy people like Mr. John MacCann. I am sure MacCann would not ask his Dr. to use a less experienced under paid surgeon to use lesser quality tools to perform surgery on him, PLA exist so we can provide to our families the basic needs in life, like food, shelter and healtcare. Oviously the supporters of Prop G and MacCann have no concern, respect and consideration for the worker, all we want is an honest pay for an honest, hard working day, non union can bid and work on what you people call “union jobs” they just have to be up to our standarts of work, like quality and safety. it’s also the only time non union companies dont have a chance at ripping their workers off. VOTE NO ON PROP G

Brad May 19, 2010 at 1:42 pm

Grace, while I respect your right to have an opinion, I would appreciate that you base it on even a slight amount of facts, but I may be asking too much after reading your post.

Non-Union workers are highly skilled, safe, and well compensated. Proposition G, does not and could not supersede Prevailing Wage laws. Proposition G is supported by both Union and Non-Union construction companies because it levels the playing field and ends backroom deals that the Unions have become a custom to for such a long time.

This Mr. John MacCann that you speak of doesn’t appear in the voter file, but if you are referring to Councilman John McCann then I would ask you to direct that question to him, or I will arrange for the McCann family to discuss Proposition G with you directly. Please feel free to email your contact information at [email protected]

Grace, over 80% of construction workers in Chula Vista are non-union. The Union has no problem who works for the local union hall as long as they receive payment into a Union Trust Fund. Let’s get to the real issue, the Union doesn’t care about your job, or any job; they do not care about quality or safety more than any other company; what they do care about is their bank account.

I would ask you since you have already graced this website with your presence to become an informed voter and research the Truth About PLAs. You will find numerous independent studies. I encourage you and your family to Vote Yes on Proposition G.

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