Commonwealth Foundation Opposes Project Labor Agreement Kickbacks to Big Labor

0 December 17, 2009  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives has posted their testimony to the Pennsylvania House Republican Policy Committee concerning government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs) on PA projects and Representative John Bear’s H.B. 2010, The Open Contracting Act, that would prohibit these special interest handouts on state construction.

As usual, the Commonwealth Foundation knocks it out of the park.  Here’s an excerpt:

The pandering to Big Labor cannot go unchecked in Pennsylvania, especially with everyone feeling the pain from this economic downturn. Pennsylvania spends billions of dollars on construction projects; it is imperative for lawmakers to act now and bar PLAs from any more construction projects. Unions, of course, can continue to compete alongside open-shops; they just shouldn’t get government preference. And most importantly, taxpayers should be taken off the hook for PLA kickbacks to Big Labor.

This hearing gave lawmakers, nonunion contractors, employees and other business groups and construction associations the opportunity to testify publicly about the problems associated with government-mandated PLAs. Big Labor also had their chance to argue in support of PLAs.

Here is a great video of Representative Bear’s thoughts after the hearing:

Check out our earlier posts for more information on the hearing, including video of other lawmakers weighing in on PLAs.  A video of the full hearing is available here

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