San Francisco Examiner

Union Hiring Halls Are A Roadblock to Local Hire

0 August 5, 2010  State & Local Construction

An article in yesterday’s San Francisco Examiner demonstrates that PLAs can’t guarantee local hire because union hiring hall rules can’t guarantee local hire (“Union allocation is roadblock to local hiring,” 8/4/10): SAN FRANCISCO — City residents are landing more construction jobs on San Francisco Redevelopment Agency projects, but union practices still keep some from working. The […]


Project Labor Agreements and Big Labor Fail at Local Job Creation

5 August 5, 2010  Federal Construction, State & Local Construction

Big Labor bosses and government-mandated project labor agreement (PLA) advocates frequently claim that PLAs are the only way to guarantee local hire on construction projects funded by tax dollars. Of course, this is another myth promoted by special interests to convince lawmakers and taxpayers that there is a public benefit to anti-competitive and costly PLA […]