Albuquerque Voters Oppose PLA Mandates

0 September 16, 2013  State & Local Construction

The debate about project labor agreement (PLA) mandates in New Mexico has moved from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. Unfortunately for construction union bosses in the state, it looks like Albuquerque voters aren’t ready to buy their bill of goods either. In a poll conducted last week, in the wake of the most recent 2013 mayoral […]


Gallup Poll: More than 6 in 10 Americans say Unions Hurt Non-Union Workers

0 September 3, 2009  Uncategorized

A recently published Gallup Poll indicates that labor unions have their lowest approval rating since the Gallup Organization started measuring this issue in 1936 (“Labor Unions See Sharp Slide in U.S. Public Support,” 9/3).  The poll is full of interesting findings that point to a decline in public support for unions.  One tidbit jumped out as particularly germane to the debate […]