Nonunion Workers Suffer Up to 34% in Wage Theft Under Government-Mandated Project Labor Agreements

0 October 22, 2021  Featured, Federal Construction

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22—Associated Builders and Contractors today calls attention to a new report that highlights the negative economic impact of controversial government-mandated project labor agreements on nonunion construction workers, who comprise 87.3% of the construction industry workforce. The study found that the limited number of nonunion craft professionals permitted to work on construction projects subject […]


ABC Member on PLAs and EFCA: Big Labor is Cashing in at Workers’ Expense

0 September 14, 2009  Federal Construction, Uncategorized

ABC members continue to stand up against the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and project labor agreements (PLAs). Brett McMahon of Miller & Long, a concrete subcontractor, writes in Human Events about how workers and taxpayers will pay the price for policies that only benefit Big Labor (“Big Labor Is Cashing in at Workers’ Expense,” 9/14): President Obama’s recent […]