Northern California Power Agency (NCPA)

Union Fund Gets $90,000 through Project Labor Agreement with Northern California Utility and Then Gives $50,000 to Campaign Against Chula Vista Ballot Measure

4 November 19, 2010  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

How are California construction unions able to make $50,000 political contributions to local campaigns?  In one case, a union trust fund that made such a contribution in California received funding from ratepayers of a publicly-owned utility through a mandated payoff included in a Project Labor Agreement. A year ago (November 2, 2009), the 20 commissioners […]

READ MORE Contributor Calls Out Big Labor For Inciting Class Warfare

0 February 2, 2010  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

In one of the most outstanding and complete breakdowns of the project labor agreement (PLA) issue in the blogosphere, contributor “Liberty Chick” outlines the sad history of PLAs nationwide and specifically in California in a post titled, “California’s Class Warfare: PLAs Pit Union and Nonunion Workers Against Each Other.” This post – complete with […]

READ MORE Radio Appearance on Greenmail and Project Labor Agreements in California

0 November 4, 2009  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

UPDATE at 3:00 p.m. EST on 11/4: Kevin’s radio appearance has been changed to Thursday, November 5 at 12:05 p.m PST. ABC California Government Affairs Director and contributor Kevin Dayton will be on “The Capitol Hour with Eric Hogue” radio talk show today from 12:05 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. PST on KTKZ 1380 AM out […]


Big Labor Greenmails Northern California Agency Over Project Labor Agreement

1 October 30, 2009  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

Some call it blackmail, but contractors and public utility commissions in California familiar with Big Labor’s underhanded tactic that forces developers to utilitze discriminatory and costly project labor agreements (PLAs) call it greenmail. It is why the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) staff and commission chairman (Lodi Mayor Larry Hansen) are desperate to have a PLA and […]