Minnesota School District Adopts Discriminatory Union-only PLA

1 September 17, 2018  School Construction, State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

In a disappointing vote on Tuesday night, the Roseville School Board in Minnesota voted 4-2 to adopt a discriminatory union-only project labor agreement that will drive up the costs of district construction for years to come, limit competition, and discriminate against local workers – all while paying off special interest union bosses in the process. The project labor agreement means that 68% of Minnesota’s construction workforce won’t be allowed to work on the district’s upcoming construction projects simply because they choose not to join a union.

The PLA will ensure that fewer contractors bid on upcoming school construction projects, fewer local workers have a chance to work on those school projects, and the district won’t realize easy-to-achieve cost savings by promoting fair and open competition.

Voting for the PLA were Board Chair Kitty Gogins (pictured front center), Frank Shaw (back left), Erin Azer (back center) and Curtis Johnson (back right). Voting against the PLA were Board Clerk Mike Boguszewski (front left) and Board Treasurer Todd Anderson (front right).

Click here to email the board. Thank the two members who stood for fair and open competition and urge the other four board members to reconsider their support of these discriminatory union-only project labor agreements.

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One Response to Minnesota School District Adopts Discriminatory Union-only PLA

Rocky September 19, 2018 at 9:30 pm

Thank unions for 8 hour days, holidays, vacation pay, health benefits. Their workers are trained craftsmen. Who bargains for nonunion workers? Unions set the livable wages. Work non union and only the employer benefits. Don’t be fooled by price! Henry Ford and Jim Hill tried to overwork the laborers until they unionized! Amazon workers aren’t union and they are on welfare to live, Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth thanks to nonunion workers!

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