State Open Competition Legislation on the Move

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Legislation promoting fair and open competition is gaining momentum in several state capitals.

The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee approved legislation on Jan. 26 that would prohibit state agencies and recipients of state grants from mandating the use of wasteful and discriminatory project labor agreements (PLAs) on state funded projects. The bill, S.B. 1006, will likely receive a vote by the full Senate later this week.

Bloomberg covered the bill’s movement earlier this week.  Here are the highlights:

A Republican-backed measure that cleared the Senate State Affairs Committee 7-2 on Wednesday seeks to outlaw so-called “Project Labor Agreements” for state and local public projects.

These are collective bargaining agreements with unions that establish employment conditions for individual construction projects.

Non-union construction companies argue such deals drive up the cost of projects for taxpayers.

Idaho’s legislature wasn’t the only entity to advance a bill last week that will help taxpayers and create jobs for the construction industry.

The Indiana Senate Pensions and Labor Committee approved S.B. 33.  We urge the full Senate to take quick action on this legislation. If enacted, this bill would ensure that all of Indiana’s construction workforce has a fair opportunity to work on projects funded by their own tax dollars. The bill will increase competition, reduce costs and create jobs for all Hoosier residents.

These measures, along with the passage of an open competition ordinance in Lancaster County, PA last week, signal an interest by elected officials to put taxpayers ahead of costly special interests. 

Check back soon for updates on all of these measures.

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