Fallin Offers Common-Sense Solution to Eliminate Government Waste

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Oklahoma Congresswoman and gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin (OK-5) issued the following release on July 2 regarding her submission to prohibit the federal government from requiring project labor agreements (PLAs) to this week’s edition of the YouCut ballot.

The YouCut website, launched May 12 by House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (Va.), features a weekly ballot of proposals that would scale back congressional spending. YouCut invites anyone to vote for solutions that eliminate government waste. Each week, the public votes on ideas to be brought to the House floor, where Republicans will call for an up-or-down vote on the spending cut.

Fallin Offers Common-Sense Solution to Eliminate Government Waste

July 2, 2010

Media Contact: Katie Bruns (email: [email protected]; phone: 202-225-2132; cell: 202-713-8021)

WASHINGTON- Congresswoman Mary Fallin (OK-05) has offered a solution to rein in federal spending and save the government as much as $2.6 billion annually. Fallin’s proposal to prohibit the federal government from requiring costly labor union agreements on all government construction projects was submitted to YouCut, a project designed to empower American citizens to cut government spending and eliminate government waste. “During a time of record budget deficits and revenue short falls, it is critical we evaluate government efficiency and provide taxpayers the greatest return possible on their investment in America,” Fallin said.

“The Executive Order issued by President Obama encourages the use of anti-competitive union favoring contracts, known as project labor agreements, which could increase the cost of government projects by as much as 20 percent,” Fallin said. “This doesn’t improve the quality of projects or create more jobs, it is simply a payback to organized labor. That means in the face of an unprecedented $1.5 trillion deficit, taxpayers are also on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on government projects that could have been completed for far less.”

Fallin urged all Americans who are concerned about big-government and deficit spending in Washington participate in the YouCut project and help to identify areas of government waste. “Liberal Democrats in Congress are not listening to the millions of Americans who are overwhelmingly concerned by the nation’s $13 trillion debt. YouCut is a chance for all Americans to be heard and help get our nation’s fiscal house in order for generations to come.”

The YouCut website was launched by House Republicans on May 12. Over one million Americans have voted on weekly proposals to eliminate government waste and reduce federal spending. Each week, House Republicans bring the winning cost-saving proposal to the House floor for an up-or-down vote. Fallin said her proposal to eliminate costly project labor agreements on federal construction projects was a good starting point to identify and eliminate government waste. “Lawmakers have a responsibility to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent as efficiently as possible,” Fallin said.

Visit the YouCut website at: http://republicanwhip.house.gov/YouCut/


Taxpayers must urge Congress to restore fairness and accountability in federal construction contracting today by texting “YouCut4” to 68398 or by voting online for proposal #4: “Prohibit Mandated Project Labor Union Agreements That Increase Government Construction.”

Please visit our earlier post on the importance of supporting this proposal here to learn more.

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