Blogosphere Coverage of Pro-Project Labor Agreement Executive Order 13502

0 July 26, 2009  Federal Construction, Uncategorized

Warner Todd Huston at The Union Label penned a blog post about project labor agreements (PLAs)  and President Obama’s Executive Order 13502 (“Obama Admin Requiring Economy Wrecking, Budget Bloating Project Labor Agreements,” 7/26).

Almost as soon as he took office, President Barack Obama repealed a Bush executive order and issued EO #13502…

…The fact is that President Obama stands in opposition to cost effective use of our federal construction dollars as well as free enterprise.

And why did he do this? Perhaps the millions of dollars raised by unions to fund Obama’s presidential campaign explains why? This is no less than a pay back to Big Labor.

Mr. Huston had this to say about PLAs on the Publius Forum days after Executive Order 13502 was issued (“Obama Order Allows Unions to Drive Up Cost of Gov’t Contracts,” 2/8/09):

Naturally, the unions love this order. But the exorbitant costs that will be forced upon federal projects will be a bitter pill to taxpayers.

It is also really an anti-worker policy as opposed to one that encourages American jobs. As president Kirk Pickerel of the Associated Builders and Contractors trade group reveals, “84 percent of U.S. construction workers do not belong to labor unions.”

Looks like Obama has once again created a policy that only benefits a tiny number of America’s work force to the detriment of most of America’s construction workers. agrees with Mr. Huston’s assessment of Executive Order 13502 and knows the media, taxpayers, unbiased elected officials and academia will come to the same conclusion once they learn the TRUTH about PLAs.

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