Harry Alford Defends Free Enterprise on Capital Hill and with Bill O’Reilly

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TheTruthAboutPLAs.com wants to recognize defender of free enterprise and PLA fighter Harry Alford, President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

Alford on Fox

Mr. Alford has received national attention over his recent testimony to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, in which he called Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) to task for racially insensitive remarks.

Once video of the exchange hit the Internet, it went viral and has now been viewed by thousands around the country.  Mr. Alford was asked to discuss his comments to Chairman Boxer during the hearing on the July 20 edition of Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor.  The clip is below.

Here at www.thetruthaboutplas.com, we commend Mr. Alford not only for standing up for his members in the face of serious insensitivity on the part of Chairman Boxer, but also for speaking out on behalf of free enterprise and against discriminatory union-only PLAs.  As we said above, Mr. Alford is a dedicated PLA fighter.  He has spoken out against PLAs on numerous occasions because he understands that PLAs limit opportunities for minority-owned business to compete.

A sampling of Mr. Alford’s writings on PLAs is available here.

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One Response to Harry Alford Defends Free Enterprise on Capital Hill and with Bill O’Reilly

rick July 22, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Dear Mr. Alford,

Words alone can’t express how joyous I found it when you put Mrs.Boxer in her place. It was too funny. Thank you.

Rick Sicolo CBA

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