Welcome to The Truth About Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)

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On behalf of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and our 25,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms in 79 chapters across the United States, welcome to TheTruthAboutPLAs.com.


We have designed this website as part of a broader effort to educate ABC members, the building and construction industry, public officials, the media, taxpayers — and all Americans — about the true impact of project labor agreements (PLAs) on these key stakeholders and our readers.


TheTruthAboutPLAs.com will monitor, track, disseminate and create news related to this critical issue that is largely driven by public policy at the local, state and federal level. 


The heart of the debate about the use of PLAs is a confluence of related legal, legislative, political and economic issues that can be difficult to understand and predict.


Our team of bloggers are seasoned subject matter experts (SMEs) in issues related to construction, labor, politics and the law and are committed to writing thoughtful, accurate and truthful information about PLAs and related topics. 


TheTruthAboutPLAs.com will serve as a voice for those opposed to PLAs and a resource for those interested in learning more about these costly special interest giveaways.  Both of these audiences play a critical role in ensuring that public and private construction projects are bid using free and open competition without the use of discriminatory and costly PLAs.


To learn how PLAs eliminate merit shop contractors from competing for and winning construction projects (hence the “union-only” prefix often attached to references to PLAs everywhere on this website), please check out our “Get The Truth” page.


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Samuel Cook April 23, 2009 at 8:38 pm

Well done!

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