City Charter

California Supreme Court Sides with Charter Cities on Prevailing Wage; Decision Could Impact Local PLA Neutrality Laws

1 July 26, 2012  State & Local Construction

In a landmark decision, the California Supreme Court on July 2 upheld the right of California’s 121 charter cities to establish their own policies governing when to apply the state’s prevailing wage law to city construction projects. In this case, the city of Vista asserted that by becoming a charter city, it had the ability […]


Proposed Oceanside, Calif. Charter Has Unprecedented Taxpayer Protections for Fair and Open Bid Competition

1 December 21, 2009  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

On Wednesday, December 16, the Oceanside City Council voted to place a proposed city charter (Proposed Charter Text) on the June 2010 ballot for Oceanside voters to consider.  This charter includes a guarantee of fair and open bid competition for city construction contracts that is based on ten year-old language in Section 4-113 of the […]