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Here at TheTruthAboutPLAs, we want to congratulate the Orange County, California’s Board of Supervisors and the taxpayers they represent!

PublicCEO.com, a daily web newsletter for public executive and administrative officials in California, has given the Local Government “Ordinance of the Year” award to the Orange County Board of Supervisors for the passage of the ordinance, Prohibition of Anti-Competitive or Discriminatory Requirements in Public Contracts.

According to the award’s announcement, “We’re all for leveling the playing field and providing fair and honest competition.  So the PublicCEO Editorial Board was pleased when the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in November to approve a resolution that will prohibit the requirement of labor agreements on county projects.”

It’s great to see the media recognizing the importance of protecting taxpayers by prohibiting these Big Labor handouts on publicly funded construction.

One more time…congratulations Orange County!

See the announcement at Local Government Awards: Ordinance Of The Year Award.

UPDATE:  Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach, who introduced the ordinance, had this to say about the award on his blog:

“Orange County’s banning of Project Labor Agreements and Other Anti-Competitive Measures is the winner of PublicCEO’s Ordinance Of The Year Award, as part of PublicCEO’s First Annual Local Government Awards.”

How about that, our efforts to clean things up here at the OC is being recognized.  Since my term began just over three years ago, my office has worked diligently at addressing the unconstitutionality of granting retroactive pension benefits, bringing back stronger minimum qualifications for the position of Assistant Sheriff, and removing any trace of a Project Labor Agreement requirement through an ordinance.  I could go on with other initiatives we’ve been pursuing.  All important and very hard work.

To have one of these efforts recognized is quite a pleasant surprise.

I used to acknowledge good reporting when I saw it during our annual Treasurer’s Conference.  You’ll notice this from the LOOK BACKs.  It’s quite a different matter, however, when the reporting side of the equation acknowledges our efforts.

Thank you, PUBLICCEO.com, very much appreciated.

And kudos to you, Mr. Moorlach for looking out for Orange County taxpayers

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