ABC Keystone Chapter Criticizes PLAs on “The Box” Radio Program

0 September 23, 2009  State & Local Construction, Uncategorized

ABC Keystone chapter president Jack Zimmer and government affairs director Steve Swarney slammed PLAs on “The Box” radio program hosted by Matt Brouillette.  Mr. Brouillette is president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation, which is “dedicated to advancing state-level public policies based on our nation’s founding principles of limited government, economic freedom and personal responsibility.” 

Mr. Brouillette also wrote an outstanding op-ed on Pennsylvania’s labor unions titled “The Perils of Slavish Devotion to Organized Labor”in July for the Pittsburgh Tribune.  We covered this op-ed on TheTruthAboutPLAs.

The radio interview is definitely worth a listen.  They touch on many of the same problems with PLAs that we write about on this blog.  Jack and Steve also discuss the Pennsylvania state prisons PLA issue in detail.

The ABC Keystone Chapter Interview on “The Box” is available here.

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