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  1. John Vanek
    September 13, 2013

    Better wages, health care, and retirement given to the union crafts as well as world class craft training thru the union trade schools will allow these working families to pay into the local tax base vs. non union construction companies grudgingly paying its workers davis bacon prevailing wages(often they have to be sued cause they try to keep it themselves) poor safety records, healthcare coverage that stops as soon as the job is over, a limited 401K that stops as soon as the job is over, poor to non existant “ABC” training (A joke I’ve seen it). And then can’t man the job properly with skilled manpower so they have to hire around the country. PLAs make the job go smoothly and improve the local communitiee, and the hardhats get so much more out of it than non union hardhats. Its good for our country and a good deal for American families!!! I know I have worked both sides of this issue. God bless american trade unions, american craftsmens last best hope for realizing the american dream. Screw the business suits who don’t see a days “Real Labor” struggle and don’t wan’t to see opportunity for the same families that spill blood on foreign soil to protect these corp. a**-***es vast
    assets by demanding a profit but don’t want to see the small craftsman realize his dream of making enough to live with dignity and improve his families lot in life.

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