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  1. bama 2 inarow
    January 18, 2013

    yes i have question, if a union is the only source for job in new jersey, n the union members get mad one day n go on strike, what happen’s to the billions of dollars obama gave to help people get back into homes n life? also, if people non union walk across ur line will they get butt whooping or shot at or both, or does work come to halt everyone has to wait for a union to get happy again? also, what happens to the taxpayers who help pay for clean up so , those affected can go home n start life over? ive only been involved with one union many yrs ago, n when we went on strike like they suggested after a few weeks they packed up n left! so, i never tried again but hey the moneys good if the plant don’t shutdown!

    • Ben Brubeck
      January 18, 2013

      The NJ legislation would lead to the expanded use of government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs). Some unions lobby government officials to mandate PLAs because it creates more work for their signatory union contractors and guarantees that most or all of the tradespeople building a PLA project are union members. Not every project would be subject to a PLA if this bill becomes law, but many projects would be subject to a PLA mandated by NJ officials, which harms the local nonunion construction workforce and their employers, as well as unionized contractors and union members opposed to PLA mandates.

      PLAs result in increased costs, less competition and a number of other problems that NJ can’t afford during Sandy rebuilding. NJ taxpayers would benefit from fair and open competition instead of handouts to special interests. Sandy projects receiving government money are already subject to federal and/or state prevailing wage and benefit rates, which are consistently union scale. This isn’t about ensuring good wages and benefits, this is about control.

      As far as your comment about the possibility of strikes and restricting labor supply to only union members, one of the key concerns about PLAs is that it discriminates against three out of four members of NJ’s construction workforce (they choose not to join a union for a variety of reasons) and actually shrinks the available supply of skilled labor.

  2. Sigler Couch
    January 18, 2013

    He will sign the bill without hesitation. He is in o’s hip pocket.

  3. Dorothy Kay Futyma
    January 24, 2013

    We all need jobs, but lets not be corrupt about it. Sweeney better do his job he was elected to do and not be corrupt.
    All of NJ and NY have been through enough with sandy with out this nonsense. Do I have to run for office to clean up this state, with Christie? The glass is always half full, why are they running on half empty. Put it to the test and have the voters of NJ vote.

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